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What exactly is IonMaster™?
It is a portable device based on ionic technology that cleans the air in your car.
How does it work?
It charges the oxygen in your car, turning it into negative ions. They absorb all airborne dust, smoke, pollutants by 99%. Charge neutralization takes place, making the air pollutants disappear.
How can I know that it is working?
An indication light will illuminate when working.
When does it stop working?
The device will turn off when removed or when the engine is switched off.
How many negative ions does it produce?
It makes 3 800 000 pcs/cm3 anions.
How can I turn it on?
You just plug it into the 12V power socket of your car.
Can I carry it around?
Yes. The ionizer is extremely compact and lightweight.
Is it energy-efficient?
Yes. It consumes low energy, while operating.
Does it produce any sound?
No. It works in a silent mode all the time.
How much does it weigh?
It weighs only 30g.
What is its working temperature?
It can operate between -10 C to 40 C.
What is the estimated delivery date?
Delivery time is usually 1-3 business days.
How can I read more information about IonMaster™?
For more information, download the manual of IonMaster™ here.

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