The Newly Produced Negative Ions by IonMaster™ Neutralize Polluted Air in the Car

Advanced Ion Technology

Releases 3 800 000 pcs/cm3 anions to clear the air

Transforms Polluted Air into Fresh

Eliminates unpleasant odors & neutralizes all pollutants

Removes Nitrogen Dioxide

Effective gas & compound filter: 99% removal of Nitrogen Dioxide

Light & Portable

Switched ON&OFF into the lighter. Easy-to-use, easy to carry, silent operation.

No Maintenance

“Zero” budget for meintenance! No need for expensive extras and no longer repair inbiult fans

Ideal Present

Sleek design & practical application

It’s no Longer a Privilege to Premium Class Cars …

Ion Master™ is an Affordable Extra to Every Car

A Car Ionizer is a luxury accessory, being an expensive extra in premium-class cars (price varies between 800-1200 EUR)

The Technology Behind IonMaster™

IonMaster™ is Essential & Compact

Beat Bad Particles in the Air!

IonMatser™ Provides 3 800 000 pcs/cm3 Negative Ions to Eliminate Bad Particles & Odours

Saturates the air with negative ions

IonMaster™ charges the oxygen in your car and delivers 3 800 000 pcs/cm3 negative ions. While other purifiers simply cover up smells, IonMaster™ has a massive air purifying power. It releases a stream of negative ions that neutralize unpleasant odors and remove smoke, dust, or pollutants.

Maintains odor-free & healthy space

The advanced technology in the compact air-purifier IonMaster™ eliminates unpleasant and bad odors in your vehicle, thus, delivering a fresher driving experience to you and your family. It blocks polluted air from the outside during traffic jams, building a smoke-free zone.

Operates in a silent mode

The low noise operation of IonMaster™ makes it a luxurious accessory that will complement the interior of your vehicle. Whilst en route, you won’t get annoyed by any sound or noise, coming from IonMaster™. You will be able to focus on your journey entirely.

Portable and easy to use

IonMaster™ becomes one of the most functional features for your car. It doesn’t require any maintenance, it is easy to carry around when necessary. IonMaster™ comes at a super affordable price. You don’t have to pay thousands of money for built-in filters and features that are easily broken to keep the air in your car pure and clean.

How It works?

The Newly Produced Negative Ions by IonMaster™ Simply Swallow Unpleasant Micro Particles, Smoke and Dust

Oxygen is charged and transformed into anions

After plugging the IonMaster™ into your 12V auto power outlet, it begins to charge the oxygen in your car, turning it into negative ions (3 800 000 Pcs/cm3.)

Anions absorb all airborne dust and smoke by 99%

The produced anions act as agents that absorb every toxic particle, dust, smoke, pollutants or other undesirable molecules.

Charge neutralization takes place, making the air pollutants disappear

The atoms of the pollutants become heavier than air and fall to the surface.

Thanks to the charge neutralization that takes place, all the air-born pollutants diminish in an instant, thus, making room for clean and fresh air.


Do it today

IonMaster™ is Portable & So Effective

Demonstrates superior purifying performance
Works in a silent mode, so you cannot hear it at all
Consumes low energy, while operating

How to use IonMaster™?

Start Breathing Pure Air!

Plug IonMaster™ into your 12V auto power outlet.
After starting the engine of the car, IonMaster™ will start working.
The indication light will illuminate while working.
IonMaster™ can work continuously and will turn off when removed or when the engine is switched off.

There is a special discount if you act now!


IonMaster™ Reviews

Maria Magos ★★★★★

Quite often people would describe as a “momdzilla”. I might be a bit over protective of my children at times, but it’s better this way. I want them to feel perfectly safe not only at home but also when we travel. That’s why I use air purifiers. I’ve tried different types but IonMastertm seems to be the best option out there! To all the moms out there, don’t think that the air in your car is bacteria-free. Use an air purifier and you’ll see the difference.

Emanuele Devos ★★★★★

I love it! Great product, great results!

David Garett ★★★★★

I use air filters at home and at the office, but I’ve never really thought about getting an air purifier for my car until just recently. I bought IonMastertm couple of days ago and, honestly, it’s simply the best! 3 minutes on and the air in my car feels lighter, cleaner, and fresher!

Anton Fritzler ★★★★★

My wife always complains about me smoking in the car even when she’s not travelling with me. She says the car smells really awful hours after I’ve been driving it. I can’t really quit smoking, that’s why I decided to look for an alternative in order to make my wife’s life easier and more pleasantly smelling (so to speak :D ). IonMastertm helped me achieve that! No more bad odors and cigarette smoke in the coupe.

Amy Lee ★★★★★

Such an attractive air purifier. It’s easy to use and it works instantly! Thanks!

George Michael ★★★★★

I can’t say that I wasn’t a bit skeptical at first. It’s been weeks since I’ve started using the ionizer and I don’t regret it for a second! I highly recommend it to everyone else who smokes in the car or has children and wants to provide them with the cleanest and toxic-free air in the vehicle. Try it!

Laura Henderson ★★★★★

It’s great! Just a few minutes in the plug and I already have clean air throughout the whole journey! Love it! Love it! Love it!


Voltage: 12V/DC
Power: ≤0.8w
Negative ions production: 3 800 000 Pcs/cm3
Ozone concentration: 3 mg/h
Working temperature: -10 C to 40 C
Storage temperature: -10 C to 60 C
Net weight: 30 g
How can we help you today?

Find answers to common questions below

What exactly is IonMaster™?
It is a portable device based on ionic technology that cleans the air in your car.
How does it work?
It charges the oxygen in your car, turning it into negative ions. They absorb all airborne dust, smoke, pollutants by 99%. Charge neutralization takes place, making the air pollutants disappear.
How can I know that it is working?
An indication light will illuminate when working.
When does it stop working?
The device will turn off when removed or when the engine is switched off.
How many negative ions does it produce?
It makes 3 800 000 pcs/cm3 anions.
How can I turn it on?
You just plug it into the 12V power socket of your car.
Can I carry it around?
Yes. The ionizer is extremely compact and lightweight.
Is it energy-efficient?
Yes. It consumes low energy, while operating.
Does it produce any sound?
No. It works in a silent mode all the time.
How much does it weigh?
It weighs only 30g.
What is its working temperature?
It can operate between -10 C to 40 C.
What is the estimated delivery date?
Delivery time is usually 1-3 business days.
How can I read more information about IonMaster™?
For more information, download the manual of IonMaster™ here.

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